• Sarah & Luke: Dreamy Couple’s Photoshoot

    simplyarielxo April 30, 2020

    Sarah and Luke are two of my favorite people. They’re both the kindest and funniest people so shooting their couple photos was an obvious dream! Sarah is one of my good friends, we met my freshman year at Liberty University on our shared hall and we instantly bonded over spray tans and designer handbags (of course). Luke and Sarah have been dating since they were in middle school which means…

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  • Lexie and Lee Flat Lay Product Photography

    simplyarielxo May 5, 2020

    As the social media and marketing intern at Lexie & Lee, one of my tasks is photographing the product. For a clothing boutique, photographing the product can take many forms from modeled shots, mannequin displays and flat lays. For this post, I wanted to feature…

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  • Lexie & Lee Plus Collection Photoshoot

    simplyarielxo February 13, 2020

    The Lexie & Lee Plus Collection Photoshoot Let me start off by saying that photographing these wonderful ladies was the biggest blessing. Not only were they warm, friendly and kind, but they made my job 100x easier with their photogenic smiles and their ability to…

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  • About Me

    simplyarielxo February 10, 2020

    Welcome to my website, I’m so happy you’re here! Hi, my name is Ariel Luy and it is so good to meet you! This is a little bit about me: I am a college student studying Strategic Communications with a cognate in Social Media Management…

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  • Body Talk

    simplyarielxo March 9, 2019

    today’s blog is a hard one (and a long one). it’s on loving your body. this is something that i’ve struggled with my entire life, from elementary school and to now.  it’s difficult for me to admit that i struggle with body image, body dysmorphia…

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  • Peace

    simplyarielxo February 19, 2019

    today, the word “peace” was on my heart. ironically, during the day, i didn’t feel any peace

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