Lexie and Lee Flat Lay Product Photography

May 5, 2020

As the social media and marketing intern at Lexie & Lee, one of my tasks is photographing the product. For a clothing boutique, photographing the product can take many forms from modeled shots, mannequin displays and flat lays. For this post, I wanted to feature a few of my favorite flat lays I have taken for Lexie and Lee. Flat lays are a great way to highlight several pieces of product in one photo. Many of my favorite flat lays are outfit photos that include outwear, a top, a pair of bottoms, shoes and two to three accessories. Flat lays are also a great way to highlight detailed jewelry. For the Handmade for the Holidays campaign, I created a few fun flat lays targeting Lexie & Lee’s handmade jewelry selection.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few photographs of my favorite flat lays from the past few months! I can guarantee there will be more to come soon!

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