Sarah & Luke: Dreamy Couple’s Photoshoot

April 30, 2020

Sarah and Luke are two of my favorite people. They’re both the kindest and funniest people so shooting their couple photos was an obvious dream! Sarah is one of my good friends, we met my freshman year at Liberty University on our shared hall and we instantly bonded over spray tans and designer handbags (of course). Luke and Sarah have been dating since they were in middle school which means their relationship has lasted 5+ years! If you’re anything like me then that’s majorly impressive since my longest relationship has lasted 5 months!

We shot these photos in Lynchburg and I love how they turned out! Even though the weather was freezing cold, you can hardly tell from Sarah and Luke’s huge smiles and Sarah’s adorable outfits. I love how airy, natural and candid these photos are and having a model couple like Sarah and Luke almost guarantees the pictures are going to turn out beautiful!

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